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Past Life Regression

Do you feel that you may have lived before?

Have you ever experienced a sense of déjà vu, recurring dreams or nightmares that seem to have no foundation in your normal waking life?

Do you feel drawn towards certain places, people or a particular era?

Do you find yourself repeating old patterns of behavior or making the same mistakes throughout life?

Do you instinctively feel that some part of you will survive death or have you ever felt the ‘presence’ of a departed loved one?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are certainly not alone.


More than three quarters of the world’s population believe in an afterlife of some sort.  As the East and West move closer in spiritual understanding, so many more of us are becoming aware of their ‘higher self’ that resides within the mind-soul-body and survives after the extinction of that same body.


During times of crisis people have experienced out of the body sensations—many people have reported near death experiences (NDE’s) which have transformed their lives—there are countless documented cases of past life regressions which have proved beyond all doubt to the subjects involved that they did indeed live before and will do so again.


I believe that we bring into this life all the memories of lives gone by, particularly ones that we still need to learn from.  These memories are usually inaccessible to the conscious mind, however by using hypnosis, meditation or other mind enhancing methods to induce an altered state of consciousness we can bring them once again to the fore.


Many fears and phobias have been cured by re-viewing a past life experience..

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.  Is regression safe?

A.   Yes, absolutely.  You can come ‘out of trance’ at anytime you wish; remember these are merely memories and cannot hurt you.


Q.  Can anyone be regressed?

A.  Most people can, however if a client has had some severe emotional crisis in their present life which has not been dealt with then the memories may take longer to be released.  Your therapist will be happy to help you in this matter.


Q.  I don’t believe in reincarnation or anything like that; will that make a difference?

A.  Not at all; many people who do not believe in the principles of reincarnation have been surprised at the results obtained.


Q.  What happens if I recover a particularly traumatic memory?

A.   Because your therapist is a trained, clinical hypnotherapist, they will guide you safely through any experience that you have.

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination!

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