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         Hypnosis Relaxation for Insomniacs













Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep until the early hours and waking up feeling lethargic and irritable?



Or perhaps you can initially drop off to sleep quite easily but awaken in the wee small hours and find that you are unable to get back to sleep?



Perhaps you can't switch your mind off and are ruminating over the events of the day or worrying about tomorrow?



Whichever your problem, hypnosis can help with insomnia. You will be taught during a hypnosis session how to fully relax your body and your mind and to put outside thoughts out of your awareness so that they don't bother you.



There are some general tips which can aid you in getting a good night's sleep, such as avoiding looking at computer late at night, having a cup of warm milk half and hour before bedtime or ensuring that you have enough exercise during the day.



Your periods of sleep are essential to your health and well-being. Recent research has also indicated that not having enough sleep can cause weight gain but the most important fact is that during sleep your body can repair damaged cells (why do you think people are so tired after an operation?).



Your brain needs sleep in order to sift through all the information that has been absorbed during your waking periods and dreams can be inspirational.


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